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Our 11am training is OPEN and FREE to all who wish to attend. These sessions are solely dedicated to competition training. We have a large team of world class Gi competitors striving to win the major tournaments of both the IBJJF and UAEJJF. Our session structure is simple, with a heavy emphasis on self-directed learning in conjunction with discussion and exchange of technical information. 

We want to contribute to those who are striving to make jiu jitsu their career, and for those who are aiming to compete at these major tournaments. 

Anyone who are serious about their jiujitsu training are welcome to join the session for free.

we expact everyone to train hard during the session.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday(no-gi forcused) from 11am-12:30pm


Monday, Wednsday 11am-12:30pm

at Sydney Wrestling Academy

19-21 East st, Lidcombe, Sydney, NSW 2141

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